Carrot & Stick Reviews
18 Feb 2024
I will buy this forever .

This is the only moisturizer I can find that doesn't make me breakout, doesn't dry out my face, and doesn't make it oily. I hope it comes back in stock soon because I'm almost out. 10/10 recommend.

13 Feb 2024
The most "Amazing" products .

I have been using these products for a mere 3 weeks now, and already the results are evident. These products are all of, and even more than what they suggest in terms of their description. You need to try these products and see for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed. You will love them..

04 Jan 2024
Great products .

My skin adapted very well to these products. I have very sensitive and mature skin, and I really enjoy the results..

04 Jan 2024
No whiteheads .

I love this product very lite and pliable. I don't have any white heads anymore..

04 Jan 2024
I will keep using .

I little goes a long way . I'm not noticeable seeing any change under my eyes..

25 Dec 2023
Unsure .

I use a couple times a week at night. The writing on the back of the bottle is too small to read. I do not like the packaging. It looks very cheap..

16 Dec 2023
Unique product .

#sweetsakes I have never used a product quite like this. It has a very refreshing feeling..

16 Dec 2023
Good stuff. .

Good stuff..

16 Dec 2023
I Like It & Will Continue if My Skin Keeps Improving .

I only gave it four stars because I haven't had the product long enough to know whether it will ultimately firm my neck or not. However, I do love how this feels and in a short time I can tell my skin is generally loving the effect. I'm entering the sweepstakes and if I win, it will probably all go back into product!.

07 Dec 2023
Love this combo! .

Love this combo! The brightening pads make an immediate difference. My sensitive skin isn't peeling, itchy, or breaking out. They are moisturizing and smell clean. I am so happy to have found this routine! The eye cream doesn't seem to help much with puffiness and is very light, but I use it at night for moisturizing..

04 Dec 2023
This is now my skincare product. FINALLY found the best! .

THIS changes my whole skin care routine and has made my face so much smoother and feeling alive and healthy. Wish you had a senior citizen discount because the price is quite expensive to continue. This is a great product for tough aging skin..

03 Dec 2023
Great product!! .

I was skeptical at first but this stuff is amazing. I'm almost finished with my first order. I am now on the subscription..

02 Dec 2023
In process success. .

It's been less than a month of use, so I'm not quite sure how it works yet, but the products feel good on my skin, snd don't have intense smells or textures. They halo me take the time to care for my skin..

29 Nov 2023
Definitely will be buying again! .

My skin has never looked better! It's got a healthy glow and feels so smooth since I started using it..

28 Nov 2023
I love this serum ❤️ .

Working at a high end department store for over 10 years I've tried many products that have not worked well. I found this Carrot and Stick serum to change my skin's brightness overnight and the elasticity has improved by 70% after a fortnight. Fragrance is a must for me as well. I would definitely recommend this product 👌.

28 Nov 2023
Time will tell! .

I was actually looking for a product to fit my needs, nourishing, building and reviving. Thought I would give it a try. So far I'm very pleased. Will definitely purchase again. I like how it feels in my skin and how it looks. I'm 64 and not expect miracles just being realistic. So far so good!! Will be a repeat client!.

24 Nov 2023
Will definitely be buying again! .

Love this product! Cleans thoroughly and takes off all makeup with ease not leaving any mascara under my eyes after which is great. #sweepstakes.

23 Nov 2023
I will purchase again .

I have used the product less than a month. I will continue and hopefully I will rate 5 stars. Just not seeing immediate results but feel sure I will.

15 Nov 2023
Great results! Satisfied customer. 😃 .

I bought this to help my young adult kids with their breakouts. It works great. My daughter thought it stopped working but I watched her applying it one day and she was putting the dropper directly on her face then back in the bottle. I thought she may have transferred germs making it ineffective so bought another bottle and told her not to let the dropper touch her face. Tada! It works again!.

15 Nov 2023
I am very pleased with the products .

I have been very pleased with all of the products so far. My face feels refreshed and the moisturizers are doing a nice job so far. I like that after using/applying the products I do not feel greasy. I also am a fan of the plant based ingredients..

14 Nov 2023
I will not buy a different product, have tried many, the bes .

I am 70, use the products 2 x/ day, love the quality and richness of product..

11 Nov 2023
I love this product .

Daily moisturizer. It's fantastic!.

10 Nov 2023
I would buy again. .

A little goes a long way with this product..

10 Nov 2023
I would buy the product again. .

I'm enjoying the products I purchased and plan to add to my collection. My skin feels nice. The cleaners is perfect..

28 Oct 2023
Noticeably brighter skin! .

Have noticed a big difference after using this routine for a bit - my skin looks more even-toned, brighter, and softer. I wish there was more product in the eye cream container, but still love it!.

24 Oct 2023
Clean, Natural and Light .

I don't like heavy moisturizers. I have been using this light, clean moisturizer in combination with with the defense serum and I can see a definite difference in my ageing skin. I like that the company is good about providing samples of new product choices. It makes me feel appreciated as a customer and is a good avenue to increase their sales. Don't be impatient. Give these products time to work..

24 Oct 2023
Restorative for Ageing Skin .

I have ageing skin that has lost its glow. After using the serum for about six months, some of the glow has been restored. A little of this light, clean serum goes a long way and now I don't feel like I can do without it..

23 Oct 2023
I am sold! My skin feels amazing! .

I love all of the carrot & stick products. I have been using them for about 3 months. They make my skin look and feel amazing. I actually just purchased a bundle and gifted it to my sister so she can have amazing skin too!.

19 Oct 2023
Great part of my morning routine. .

I really like this moisturizer as it is very light and absorbs quickly. I haven't used it enough yet to determine its long terms effects, but so far so good..

19 Oct 2023
Nice moisturizer! .

I use this product regularly each morning after showering. I like that just a little goes a long way, it absorbs completely, and blends easily with my skin tone. I haven't really tried it for prolonged periods of time in the sun yet, so the jury is still out on how well it protects..

18 Oct 2023
Would buy again! .

I use this 1-2 times a day, I've noticed the skin around my eyes is tighter and less stretchy..

08 Oct 2023
Everything your skin needs without the toxins .

I search for products that don't irritate my older, more gentle skin .I like skincare that actually helps without adding toxins and irritants . This line has great packaging - minimal and clean looking. the very faint clean scent was appealing as well … after 4 weeks I am pleased with how my skin has reacted - it feels smoother and hydrated and the tone is more even - I've seen some of the sun damage spots have lightened up and I am excited to keep using the serum - I start with the brightening pads - they prep my gave to drink in the products - I then use the defense serum , full of antioxidants , concentrating on my dark and uneven spots , It's clear and light and feels so good - I then put the Repair serum all over and let it soak in - the lift and glow from this product is my favorite in the system ! I then use the eye cream - it feels very creamy and hydrating - my eyes are in their 60s- I don't expect miracles . This cream also helps de puff my eye bags .I apply the moisturizer.